What are the ingredients and nutritional information? (alcohol content)
Each 12oz can contains 130 Calories, 2g of Sugar, and is 6% ABV (12 Proof).
Our products contain premium spirits blended with natural flavors and carbonated water.

Fathom Falls Cooler: White Rum from Puerto Rico, natural aromatic compounds, and a blend of the following essential oils; lemon, mandarin, yuzu, tangerine, and orange. Contains lime juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, and Ume apricot puree. Finished with carbonated water.

Buscadero Bay Punch: 6X distilled vodka, natural aromatic compounds, lime juice concentrate, passion fruit essence, white grape juice concentrate, sea salt, and a blend of the following essential oils; orange, lemon. Finished with carbonated water.

Saddle Creek Spritz: 6X distilled vodka of natural aromatic compounds, lime juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, and a blend of the following essential oils; orange, grapefruit, ginger, basil, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon, lime, black currant and juniper. Finished with carbonated water.

Does West Peak have caffeine?
No, West Peak is caffeine free.

Is WEST PEAK sugar-free? What is it sweetened with?
No, West Peak products contain 2g of sugar from the natural juice concentrates we use. We do not add any additional sugar to the liquids.

Is WEST PEAK vegan?

Is WEST PEAK gluten-free?

Is West Peak non-GMO?

How much is one serving?

Do you have any other flavors? When will they be released?
We are launching with two offerings: Fathom Falls Cooler and Saddle Creek Spritz. This fall, we will launch our Buscadero Punch and our Variety Pack.

Will single cans be available for sale? Can I buy an assorted pack?
Each of our flavors will be available in 4 packs of single flavors at the launch, and we will launch a 6-pack variety pack in the fall. While we don’t sell single cans online, retail stores may sell them at their discretion.

Is your packaging recyclable?

How much does WEST PEAK cost?
Our suggested price is $23.99 for the six-can variety pack and $15.99 for the single flavor 4-pack. However, all pricing decisions are made at the retailer level and may vary.

Where IS WEST PEAK produced?
We are blended and canned in Des Moines, Iowa. Our ingredients are sourced in the US from local vendors in the Midwest and California.

Where can I purchase West Peak?
West Peak is sold in retail stores and bars in Northern California. You can use our store finder on our website to find the closest account. You can also order us nationally via (Coming soon).

Do you have a best by date?
West Peak’s optimal shelf life is 12 months. You can find the best by date on the bottom of each can and the bottom of each pack.

Are your products Kosher?
Yes, West Peak is produced in a Kosher certified facility.

Where are you based?
West Peak is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California.

Do you make the product locally?
West Peak is produced in the midwest with products sourced across the US. Each ingredient is sourced locally - for instance, our vodka is made in Kansas from locally sourced grains. This location was the best fit to get our product to all parts of the country.

Do you support any charities?
Yes, West Peak is proud to partner with Save the Waves, a global charity focused on protecting our beaches and ensuring future generations can enjoy our oceans as we have. You can find out more at: